Bracelet Bandits Bracelet Bandits The first bracelet shot ever & it is pretty spectacular. The first version of Kandi were made in Trinidad & Tobago, by lovely gals, 1,000 bracelets, done to perfection with a supremely unique silver heart charm for an unbelievable discounted price. 189418252 Posted by awesome MadMadLover when she was having a rough week! Thank you for wearing with such Pride! 189418254 Don't forget to Peace Love Unity Respect before you put on your Kandi!!!! PLUR <3 189418260 Taken by Award Winning Photographer! 189418255 Stone Foxes musical group getting dooooown with IDKYBILY Kandi Power! 189418263 San Francisco MMLovers still rocking Kandi and coachella wristbands 1 year later! 189418265 2012 Watermelon Edition with Glow Beads & Glow Heart!! Handmade from around the country! 189418253 189418258 Hand made from a Darling Cutie Pie who I have never even met. Made prior to meeting anyone in the group. 189418257 Yes Wooden Kandi!! Looks so great the Creator's initial idea was to share with your found soul mate, or long lost twin or new best friend. Sooo Madass! 189418268 Whoooo Im a Rave Slave to the Rave Cave!!! 189418261 YES!! Rasta colors for Electric Daisy Carnival 2011, so great looking!! 189418262 WOW! A girl that knows a way into an activist's heart! I <3 this Kandi! 189418264 Let's Get it Twisted!!!! Intertwining looped rainbow schemed big block dolphin kandi. 189418259 Im in Rave Cave Heaven!! GLOW watermelon kandi rings. These rings were even used to engage our groups' Love Bird Mascots at Coachella 2012! 189418266 Once again, all made by a newbie to group that never met any of us. Hours and countless dollars spent for total strangers!!! Creator, you are Amazing, we love you so much! 189418267 WOW!! I looooove seeing all those I's, D's & K's!!! I want to dive right in!!! 189418256